“Evil Forces” & The E-Cat

There are several monikers used for those who would hinder development of LENR technology. Sometimes, the application is tongue-in-cheek, other times there is a certain anger over vitriolic comments made by skeptics and…E-Cat Report – getting ready f…

Hyperion: Electric Appliance/Boiler

It comes as no surprise that Defkalion is hoping to sneak its Hyperion system through certification using a classification likely to give it least trouble. Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 7:16 pm Engineer May I ask under which product group you will seek CE certification? Is it “Hot-Water Boilers”? Re: CE Certification Defkalion GT As […]

1MW eCat to Self Sustain?

In a bit of a bombshell moment, an apparent casual answer to a question about a photo on evworld, we learn from Andrea Rossi that advances in safety and control may lead to the 1MW plant being run in self-sustain mode. While any such advance would be an exciting development, it does not speak to […]

Digest of Rossi Q&As July 5, 2011

As usual, without saying much, Andrea Rossi releases snippets of interesting information on his site that can help give a picture of what he is doing. Some interesting questions and answers have appeared on his site recently: Q: Do you have any news to share about your recent visit to Sweden? (It’s very exiting that …

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