A Murderous Fraud

A few days before the HotCat test was published, British businessman, Jim McCormick, was sentenced to 10 yrs for fraud. As I urge you to watch the following BBC clip, I also urge you to stop yourself jumping to conclusions. The purpose of placing this here is not to attach McCormick’s guilt to Rossi but […]

The LieCat

October is dead, taking with it any hope I had that Andrea Rossi would deliver on yet another claim. For some time now, it has been obvious to most that Rossi cannot be trusted. Even his supporters admit he lies as they excuse him for one reason or another. In business, gaining such a reputation […]

When Two Tribes Go To War

In case you didn’t know, World War 3 started this year.Not China and America, but 2 much bigger foes who wouldn’t last 2 seconds in a lift together without handbagging each other to death for simply exchanging glances. Yes, we are talking about the “sp…