Brillouin better get a move on

Robert Godes, ”Understanding how LENR works will enable us to be first.” This from our most reliable source, pesn.  However, Godes’ case is that though Rossi has claimed the sale of a 1Mw plant, delivery has not been confirmed.  Further he has hardly released a commercial product — or even proven conclusively that he has a […]

LANR by Coulomb Explosion

Previously I posted an article, Belgian LANR patents, covering the LANR patents of  former chemist and patent attorney Jan Van den Bogaert.  Mr. Van den Bogaert spent his career at AGFA, the Belgian multinational corporation that has long specialized…

Mitsubishi-Toyota LENR Transmutation

A number of eCatNews posters have questioned the lack of attention given to the Mitsubishi -Toyota results cited in Celani’s recent CERN presentation. Given the date on the linked pdf (2002) and the pedigree of the organisations involved, it is curious that such (apparently) strong evidence of low energy nuclear transmutation (from Cs to Pr) […]

Dr. Miley Re-emerges

Dr. George Miley, affiliate professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is set to re-emerge from what seems like winter hibernation.  After announcing in late October (see video, 5:15 mark) that development of his  LENR cell was reac…

Belgian LANR Patents

In work done over many years, a Belgian industrial chemist and patent attorney, Joannes Van den Bogaert, had several LANR patents granted in his home country of Belgium.  While the devices are different in many ways from those currently being … …

COP greater than 10 demonstrated at MIT

As part of the IAP Course on COLD FUSION at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Mitchell Swartz, JET Energy, and Prof. Peter Hagelstein demonstrated a significant energy gain greater than 10! ( Now we have 3 dogs in the race.  There are now three separate organizations that are generating useful COP from LENR.  2012 is […]


NASA has been involved in the cold fusion/LENR story since 1989.  The purpose of this page is to document NASA’s involvement, at least in part, over the years, starting in the year of Pons and Fleishmann and continuing to the … Continue re…

Zawodny Backpedals, Gibbs Plays the Fool

Last week’s NASA video release featuring NASA senior scientist Dr. Joseph Zawodny explaining the benefits and possibilities of LENR has created quite a stir, with people from a wide-spectrum displaying a similarly wide range of responses.  There was…

Horton hears a what?

Dr. Zeus wrote a story about an elephant who heard a community of very small creatures living on a flower.  His friends didn’t believe him.  So all of the “Whos” got together and shouted at one time.  They still were not heard by anyone but Horton.  Alas, they found one non-participating Who, and tried again.  […]