NASA Releases Video Advocating LENR

NASA has just released a short video in which NASA scientist Dr. Joseph Zawodny explains and advocates the use of LENR technology.   The video unequivocally states that the NASA Langley Research Center is actively pursuing the development of this te…

Replicators (as of January 12, 2012)

Below is an annotated and linked list of reports of 14 people who have achieved a Ni + H reaction: Dr. Brian Ahern, Ames National Laboratory While it is not clear that Ahern is using nickel, it is clear that he is using light hydrogen.  It is also clear that he sees it as a […]

Has LENR uncovered a new Physics?

On December 26, one “Mr X” posted the following on Nuclear physicist professor Peter Ekstöm, known for criticizing the E-Cat and LENR wrote:(Translated by me) -Stoyan Sarges article is really impressive! He can with simple pictures explain so that everybody can understand all LENR reactions that have been observed. They include a full TOE […]

Cold Fusion For Christmas?

I doubt it.  Not this year anyway.  However, after a seemingly disappointing period of no significant news regarding the cold fusion saga, mid-December has found this story once again springing to life. Last week Republican presidential candidate Mit…

Lewis Larsen Talks LENR

The following audio interview was posted a few months ago but I wanted to highlight it now because there is much talk around the Widom Larsen Theory and yet many people do not have a handle on it or the scientists involved. Featuring the man himself, Lewis Larsen, he paints an accessible picture that should […]

Ahern Cancels Citi5 Appearance

In what can only be described as a strange turn of events, Dr. Brian Ahern has abruptly canceled his scheduled presentation at the Citi5 Flash Summit in New York City.  This information was reported last night on the Next Big … Continue reading …

Online Real-Time Mass Spec Hyperion

There is some discussion on the wire about Defkalion’s mass spectrometer comment. The following is taken from their spec sheet. Defkalion GT is an industrial company and not an academic or research institute with a role to state, prove and reject theories; as such, we recognize that products do not need to be based on […]

NASA Presentations – At Last!

One thing I’ll say for Stephen Krivit – he gets off his backside and pushes buttons. I may not like his subjective and skewed attack-dog style but he gets things done.  The following three pdf’s were released to him under the Freedom of Information Act. I cannot understand why this had to be forced from […]

Looks like science is already catching up

This is big. This is HUGE! It also appears that the phenomenon may account for and explains a persistent mystery regarding the unification of physics.  Source: Citi5 ( Details will be revealed by in New York City by Dr. Brian Ahern (Brian Ahern received his PhD in material science from MIT, holds 26 patents and was a […]

What convinces a physicist?

I couldn’t pass this up, what a headline: “Four Swedish entrepreneurs, two of them particle physicists, run the site” I would go on, but the NyTeknic article is fantastic — and in English.  Please read it and comment either here or there. <— To main blog