If Replication is the Holy Grail …

If replication is the holy grail then it is time for skeptics, including those well versed in science, to jump on board. At this website: you will read: Apparently he [Dr. George Miley, University of Illinois] has been successfully replicating the Patterson cell results, and has extensive experimental data, and proposes a theory explaining Rossi/Patterson Ni-light […]

A Case for Rossi

There seems to be a lot of skepticism about the e-cat.  Skeptics point to the fact that formal science hasn’t been done (  Skeptics point to imperfections in Rossi’s history, as if everyone who discovers new technology must live the life of a saint.  Skeptics point to the issues of secrecy.  I agree that the […]

The aha moment

“Now that this first customer has signed off on this technology, and Rossi will be receiving funds, he can pay the half million needed for the University of Bologna and Uppsala University to begin doing their tests, which will take 2 years.” Now we understand fully why Rossi hasn’t followed the scientific model. That, […]

What if matter was a state of energy?

“With his famous equation E = mc2, Albert Einstein proved that when you come right down to it everything in the universe is energy.” – Deepak Chopra The current scientific “worldview” is that matter exists in four distinct states, with the most common states on Earth being: solid, liquid and gas. Beyond gas is a […]

Know the “Secrets of E-Cat”

A new book called Secrets of E-Cat by Mario Menichella, has just been released in English. Trained as a physicist, Mr. Menichella writes on science topics and has several published books with titles such as “Interstellar Travel” and “Future Worlds“. He worked as a press officer at the headquarters of Italy’s Instituto Nazionale di Fisica […]

Lets not forget Piantelli

In 1995, Piantelli filed patents on a nickel + hydrogen = copper reaction.  He claims a 2 to 3 times power multiplier.  Further claims include his reaction operating without any heat input.  Piantelli’s reaction operates without any catalyst as Dr. Rossi’s reaction has. The frustrating thing about Piantelli is that he has been able to […]

21st Century Careers

When I was a young adult the message was clear, “go into computers, that’s where the money is”.   Turns out, that’s where my desire and talent was, so that’s what I did.  But when Rossi’s energy catalyzer is discovered by the world, what careers will blossom?  I can think of two. The first is […]