Randy Hekman: Energy America’s Next Space Race

The following post is copied from LENR champion and US Senate Candidate, Randy Hekman’s blog. Having this entry front and centre on a politician’s campaign profile is a big step forward for LENR science. He takes a swipe at DOE and calls for business to take the lead. Not surprising, coming from the blue corner. […]

US Senate Candidate on LENR and Rossi’s eCat

Ruby Carat at Cold Fusion Now has posted an interview with US Senate candidate Randy Hekman about LENR. A long-time advocate of the science, I’m not sure we can count his support as evidence of a growing awareness in the same way we might think of Romney and Tarr’s apparent interest. No stranger to subject, […]

US Senate candidate Randy Hekman puts LENR first

December 29, 2010 Energy: America’s Next Space Race READ NOW. The Michigan US Senate race includes over half-a-dozen Republicans vying for Democrat incumbent Debbie Stabenow’s long-held seat, but only one has LENR on their platform. Former Juvenile Court Judge Randy Hekman states his energy policy on the campaign website 8. Energy: The simple reality […]