Michael McKubre at ICCF-21

LENR consultant and former Director of Energy Research at SRI International Michael McKubre presented at the 21st International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science held at Colorado State University in Fort Collins Colorado. The five-day conference ran June 3-8, 2018 and featured multiple groups reporting solid results in the generation of excess heat and transmutations. …

Mike McKubre: Cold Fusion From Pons & Fleischmann To Rossi’s eCat

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Mike McKubre recently gave a brilliant talk overviewing a good chunk of the cold fusion/LENR situation. I will comment after digesting them.   What Happened to Cold Fusion? (eight parts, total: 102 min) ======================= SRI Mike McKubre’s Presentation at Cafe Scientifique Silicon Valley (1/8) Major Segments (2/8)  Department of Energy Reference (3/8) Necessary but Not […]

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SRI International: “What happened to cold fusion?”

Dr. Michael McKubre, long-time researcher in cold fusion from the SRI lab in Menlo Park, California speaks to the public on the subject at Cafe Scientifique. This is the first of eight separate Youtubes, all entitled “What happened to cold fusion?” Dr. McKubre describes two main branches of the science, electro-chemical palladium-dueterium PD-D and nickel-hydrogen … Continue reading SRI International: “What happened to cold fusion?”