David French on the Cold Fusion Now! podcast

David J. French, a lawyer specializing in Patents and Intellectual Property is the guest on the Cold Fusion Now! podcast. A graduate of McMaster University in Engineering Physics and of the University of Toronto Law School, David French spent 35 years at private law firms and also working with the Canadian government on law reform …

Rossi Assures E-Cat Community

About a week ago, a commenter on the Journal of Nuclear Physics voiced a concern that many of the E-Cat community share – that something may happen to Andrea Rossi that would keep his technology from reaching wide usage in the world. Wladimir Guglinski, a frequent poster on the JONP, commented to Mr. Rossi:  “The […]

Beta Testing for the Domestic E-Cat

Eridanio, a poster on Andrea Rossi’s Journal of Nuclear Physics, recently suggested to the scientist that the domestic E-Cats could undergo beta testing. In other words, a set number of people, between 1,000…E-Cat Report – getting ready for the Ene…

Andrea Rossi’s Business Plans

E-Cat World recently received a transcript translated from Italian containing one of Andrea Rossi’s lectures at the Pordenone LENR Conference. In this particular lecture, Rossi explains his philosophy toward business, and it’s quite…E-Cat Report …

How Big Is The E-Cat?

When you think of a power plant, what mental picture comes to mind? Most people think of large complexes with strangely shaped buildings covering acres of land. Coal burning plants have furnaces that…E-Cat Report – getting ready for the Energy Catalyzer