Second HotCat Test Report – Updated

Update 22 Oct 2014: Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the debate. Rossi continues to deliver even if it is not what he promised. Despite many sceptics deriding the man as a third rate showman, I tip my hat to his ability to keep this show going.  It is too easy to label […]

Tests Confirm Anomalous Heat Production in Rossi’s E-Cat

Here’s the biggest LENR/cold fusion news in at least the last few years. A team of independent scientists have confirmed anomalous heat production from Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat reactor. I’ve already spent around 1,500-2,000 hours following this story because I’m convinced LENR technology is real and practical. Rossi is now racing to commercialize his reactors and

Tests Confirm Anomalous Heat Production in Rossi’s E-Cat is a post from: Natural Building Blog

More On The Sven Kullander eCat Talk

The pedigree of Sven Kullander and Hanno Essen is interesting. From Wikipedia: Professor Kullander is professor emeritus of High Energy Physics at Uppsala University. Kullander received his doctorate from Uppsala University in 1971. Since 1990, Kullander has been a member…

Andrea Rossi Replies To Brian Josephson

Categories: Media/Blogs, Rossi, test, the Italian Sci-Tech magazine has an article that includes Andrea Rossi’s reply to Brian Josephson:   Andrea Rossi’s reply to Brian Josephson Dear Professor Josephson, I do understand your concerns, but as I already explained, I am not going to give any other demonstration of the E-Cat because at this point it wouldn’t make […]

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A Sober Look At 1MW eCat Clues

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UPDATED  [As people explain away some of these observations, I will edit this post until we are left with the unexplained – Thus I have ammended Fox’s comment about the customer being an ‘N’ word. I have also removed a photo of two young men who I thought had a military bearing. That was nonsense. […]

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Fox Fingers First eCat Buyer

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Update – Sterling Allan from Peswiki denies Fox has quoted him accurately. We obviously need to be wary of any guesses without confirmation, but perhaps we also need to be even more cautious following Peswiki’s rebuttal which is covered in the next post. Read the following with that in mind: High on the shortlist of […]

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Defkalion Congratulates Rossi

Defkalion have congratulated Andrea Rossi on his recent accomplishment with the eCat test in Bologna.  Their comment is not yet published on Rossi’s blog, but they’ve made note of the fact on their own forum.…