Edmund Storms on the Cold Fusion Now! podcast

Nuclear chemist and former Los Alamos National Laboratory rocket scientist Dr. Edmund Storms has been researching cold fusion/LENR since 1989 and talks with Ruby Carat on the Cold Fusion Now! podcast about this new area of science founded by Drs. Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons. Edmund Storms is widely considered one of the foremost researchers …

Cold Fusion Now! podcast with ISCMNS Chief Exec William Collis

March, 2018 — The Cold Fusion Now! podcast presents William Collis, the Chief Executive of the International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, the association that serves cold fusion/LENR scientific researchers globally. William has a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Oxford and is an expert in atomic weights. After a career in embedded …

Hagelstein and Tanzella’s Vibrating Copper Experiment

Read original article by Marianne Macy on Hagelstein and Tanzella’s Vibrating Copper Experiment by Marianne Macy MIT’s Prof. Peter Hagelstein, longtime contributor of cold fusion experimental and theoretical work, knows a thing or two about X-rays. In the 1980s he was a 24-year old-prodigy when he worked for hydrogen bomb creator Edward Teller at … Continue reading Hagelstein and Tanzella’s Vibrating Copper Experiment

Crack hypothesis gets community response

Today’s successes in cold fusion energy generators have been hard-won by trial and error, with each system developed by a select criteria amassed over years of painstaking success and failure. Ironically, the many labs with commercial prototypes each follow a different mental model of how their system works, a problem for developing a technology, as … Continue reading Crack hypothesis gets community response

Peter Hagelstein Intro to Excess Power (with Enhanced Audio)

Introduction to Excess Power in Fleischmann-Pons Experiments lectures by Dr. Peter Hagelstein now with enhanced audio compliments uploadJ. What follows are Jeremy Rys‘ classroom video series with the processed audio track by uploadJ. Watch the second week’s lectures with JET Energy engineer and co-teacher Dr. Mitchell Swartz, who describes experimental results on their NANOR technology … Continue reading Peter Hagelstein Intro to Excess Power (with Enhanced Audio)

Storms Explains NAE Cold Fusion Theory

Ruby Carat over at conducted an interview with Edmond Storms, teasing out details of his nuclear active environment (NAE) theory. Here he explains the principle mechanism, how it fits experimental data and goes on to make predictions (eg an eCat reaction should not be making Cu). Correct or otherwise, the theory is extremely interesting […]


Longtime LENR researcher, now LENR+ advocate (read further to know the difference) operating from Cluj, Romania, Peter Gluck has published an interesting sequence of observations and suggestions on the process of bringing a newly discovered phenomenon into a usable technology for the betterment of humankind, and how those involved in that process may operate to … Continue reading Peter Gluck: INSPIRED BY DEFKALION: THE TORTUOUS WAY TOWARD LENR STANDARDS

Has LENR uncovered a new Physics?

On December 26, one “Mr X” posted the following on Nuclear physicist professor Peter Ekstöm, known for criticizing the E-Cat and LENR wrote:(Translated by me) -Stoyan Sarges article is really impressive! He can with simple pictures explain so that everybody can understand all LENR reactions that have been observed. They include a full TOE […]

Lewis Larsen Talks LENR

The following audio interview was posted a few months ago but I wanted to highlight it now because there is much talk around the Widom Larsen Theory and yet many people do not have a handle on it or the scientists involved. Featuring the man himself, Lewis Larsen, he paints an accessible picture that should […]