University of Bologna – No Formal eCat Relationship

Two weeks ago, Andrea Rossi performed a Defkalion – painting himself into a corner so that we might believe a resolution to the eCat saga was in sight. Referring to  claimed successful tests on the hotcat, he told us on 11 August that they (the tests) would “… BE REPEATED OFFICIALLY WITHIN THE HALF OF OCTOBER […]

University of Bologna E-Cat Test

Disinclined to repeat hearsay without substantiation, I pause before posting the following from Andrea Rossi’s blog. In it, he tells us that the ‘leaking’ of the so-called hot-cat details by the person known as, ‘cures’ violated an NDA. However, in saying this he is giving credence to the leak – assuming it was not a […]

Termination Of Bologna eCat Research True/False?

I received the following from Sterling Allan regarding the report that the Bologna University eCat research contract has been terminated. While I have no way of knowing where the confusion lies, Krivit’s reporting can be one-sided. On this occasion, his direct quote of Dario Braga, the director of scientific research at the university, made the […]

No eCat Research For University Of Bologna

For the last six months, many of us have been waiting in hope for the promised research contract between Andrea Rossi’s company and The University of Bologna to be actioned. The lure of independent tests coupled with the long association with the academic bastion through Professors Focardi and Levi lent a level of credibility to […]