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“The E-Cat produced at least ten times more energy than any hidden batteries or other power source could have supplied”Link to article:

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“En större värmeproduktion än vad som är möjligt att förklara med kemiska reaktioner. Det rapporterar en grupp svenska och italienska forskare efter två mätningar om vardera fyra dygn på den kontroversiella energiapparaten E-cat.”

Uppsalaforskare testar Rossis E-cat – NyTeknik

English version (translated via Google)

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Steven Krivit continues to cover Andrea Rossi and E-Cat in his fourth report.Read the report here

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“The Greek company Defkalion has invited scientific and business organizations to test the core technology in its forthcoming energy products. The products are based on LENR – Low Energy Nuclear Reactions.”
Read article here

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In a recent video, NASA confirms its research in LENR – akin to cold fusion – and states that it works. At the same time Andrea Rossi and the Greek company Defkalion intensify their activities.

NASA confirms research in LENR – NyTeknik

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After the October 28 megawatt E-cat test, there has not been much information of interest delivered from Rossi. 
However, the blogosphere is still engaged in speculations about E-Cat. 
(Check out for example.)
One of the blogs most infiltrated with Andrea Rossi is that boosts up Rossi´s statements about the development of the E-Cat. 
Today E-Catreport writes that E-Cat Set To Rule The Market In 2012, and that “by next year the world market will be filled with 1 million units of 10 kW household E-Cats”

Yup. One million(!) 
(Well, we´ll see how many that really turn out to be.) 

One can conclude that the E-Catreport contains hardly any critical thoughts or critical information about the validity of Andrea Rossi´s statements, but rather put up cheerful headlines like ECat Deviates From All Scientific Theories. But That’s Fine. 
(Well, we´ll see how “fine” that really turn out to be.) 

Why the joyful and cheerful approach at E-Catreport, then? 
One reason for this might be that one of the editors (according to this YouTube-clipof
E-Catreport, Magnus Holm, also is engaged in the company Hydrofusion that runs the website - ”The Official Website of Andrea Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer
As Andrea Rossi now collects pre-orders for his E-Cats, Hydrofusion aims to be a part of the business. 
Magnus Holm was interviewed in Ny Teknik November 18, where he explains that
The aim is to be a portal to all stakeholders regarding the E-cat. In particular, we want to be as officially linked to Rossi as possible in order to capture as much commercial interest as possible through”

NyT: You have already been accused of contributing to fraud. What is your comment?

Holm: “We are not engaged in any deception, and I do not think Rossi is engaged in any fraud either. If it would turn out that it does not work, in spite of everything, I would think it is about self-deception. I believe it works.”

So if you feel that is engaged in any “deception“, you are completely wrong. 
It´s “self-deception“!

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Antonio Turiel is a physicist working at the institute for marine sciences in Barcelona (CSIC) and he keeps the blog “The Oil Crash,” (in Spanish). Here, he examines the story of the E-Cat with a well needed critical view.Read article here

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On Wednesday the Greek company Defkalion showed prototype drawings and specifications of the heating unit Hyperion, potentially competing with Andrea Rossi’s ‘E-cat’. 
However, no verification of the technology was presented. 
No big surprises, in other words.

Read article in Ny Teknik here

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Today Defkalion released the following message on their website
“Wednesday 30th November, 2011

Today, and through our company website, Praxen – Defkalion Green Technologies Global has disclosed its current work on Nickel and Hydrogen exothermic reaction using Chemically Assisted Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. 

The provided Technical Specifications Sheet is a first preparation of our pre-industrial Hyperion product. This data has been tested with progress made towards the design of a final product ready for market entry in 2012.

Hyperion products will be introduced into the global market with applications for buildings, agriculture and industrial energy needs. 

Beyond the completion of the final product with all necessary certificates, our company has three key objectives for 2012: 
1. Agreements with companies for exclusive licenses according to country / territory

We have received interest in our license agreements from 850 companies from 60 countries. They have already received an invitation for testing our products on the basis of a license for their country. We expect to sign contracts in 2012 and have already started talks. 
2. Third party independent tests for scientific purposes and advancement of theory

Praxen – Defkalion GreenTechnologies is a strong supporter of LENR technologies globally. Greece can become the global centre for R&D on LENR technologies. We have already received numerous requests from leading scientific authorities, academic institutions and national laboratories from key countries to conduct tests on our products. Our policy is to accept their requests, under agreed protocol, and to allow publication of their findings. The process of agreeing to dates for such tests depends on the availability of our staff and labs, keeping in mind that we run a business, not a technology show room.
3. R&D-based joint venture partnerships with companies in niche market applications 

There are many applications that stand alone Hyperion products cannot service. In these cases, we will enter into joint venture agreements with companies that have specialized know-how and technologies in their field, but who will be able to utilize and capitalize on our technology to create entirely new products with ours. Examples of such partnerships have come from interested companies in the fields of marine propulsion, water desalination, off-shore drilling, trains, telecom towers, heavy vehicles, and micro energy sources. These agreements will be consistent with Praxen – Defkalion GreenTechnologies Global product development and R&D efforts. 

Praxen-Defkalion Green Technologies Global S.A.”

A description of the Hyperion was released as well, here

Swedish Ny Teknik covered the coming Defkalion statements here yesterday

Some other remarkable claims come from Professor Focardi’s former collaboration partner, Professor Piantelli, covered here on a few days ago.

Personally, I feel somewhat embarrassed to still wonder… 
What to say?

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As a reminder of this evenings lecture with professor Sven Kullander, I just re-post an earlier blogpost from 1:st of July ”

Prof. Sven Kullander

Professor Emeritus Sven Kullander (Chairman of Energy Committee Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences) is one of the Swedish physicists involved in the E-Cat discussions.
He was first interviewed in Ny Teknik and Swedish TV 4.(Swedish only)
He later went, together with Hanno Essén, to Bologna to visit Andrea Rossi, and observed a demonstration of an E-Cat conducted by Rossi. The visit resulted in this report,
that included the following statements; 

“Since we do not have access to the internal design of the central fuel container  

and no information on the external lead shielding and the cooling water system we can only 

make very general comments. The central container is about 50 cm

in size and it contains  

0.11 gram hydrogen and 50 grams nickel. The enthalpy from the chemical formation of nickel and hydrogen to nickel hydride is 4850 joule/mol [6]. If it had been a chemical  

process, a maximum of 0.15 watt-hour of energy could have been produced from nickel and  

0.11 gram hydrogen, the whole hydrogen content of the container. On the other hand, 0.11  

gram hydrogen and 6 grams of nickel (assuming that we use one proton for each nickel atom) 

are about sufficient to produce 24 MWh through nuclear processes assuming that 8 MeV per 

reaction can be liberated as free energy. For comparison, 3 liters of oil or 0.6 kg of hydrogen 

would give 25 kWh through chemical burning.  Any chemical process for producing 25 kWh 

from any fuel in a 50 cm

container can be ruled out. The only alternative explanation is that  

there is some kind of a nuclear process that gives rise to the measured energy production.”

Kullander brought back what was claimed to be used fuel from the E-Cat, as reported in Ny Teknik. According to an earlier post from Peter Ekström in a Swedish discussion forum, Kullander will in the near future present a detailed report, that describes the analysis of the fuel-powder and the results in depth.
Kullander now announces a lecture at Swedish University of Örebro, the 23th of November where he will speak, as I understand,  about the future of nuclear power, including a possible application of the cold-fusion achievements in Bologna.
Quote below is from the announcement of the lecture.(My translation)

“In the wake of the Fukushima-disaster, the discussion about the future of nuclear power, is again discussed. It´s a rush to replace the world’s eighty percent dependent on fossil fuels coal, oil and gas. Severe climate change would be difficult to avoid without massive expansion of both renewable energy and nuclear power.
Great efforts are made to substantially improve today’s nuclear reactors, both safer and more efficient than current reactors. In an even longer perspective, the hope is that hot-fusion on a large scale will be able to provide mankind with almost infinite amount of energy. But perhaps all these planned large-scale plants will get competition from small reactors, that can be every man´s property. The cold fusion technology recently developed in Bologna, which can be fitted in an apparatus not much bigger than a coffee-machine, that generates energy, with only a few “tea-spoons” of nickel-powder”

You find the announcement here (translated via Google)

Note. Sven Kullander also commented 9th of April in the blog Alekletts Energy Mix, why he got interested in the Bologna experiments. You find the blogpost here (translated via Google)

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Four Swedish entrepreneurs, two of them particle physicists, run the site which since a couple of days takes pre-orders for Andrea Rossi’s E-cat. Ny Teknik got an interview.

Swedish physicists run the site – NyTeknik

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“Italian scientist Andrea Rossi has spent the past year giving demonstrations of a device that he claims can generate large amounts of energy due to a little-understood nuclear process. His latest demonstration, performed on October 28th, has attracted some of the most mainstream media attention yet, with coverage by outlets including Fox News, Forbes, andMSNBC, among others. But the big question still seems to be whether Rossi’s E-Cat (energy catalyzer) device is a huge breakthrough or a huge scam. What’s making the answer so difficult to determine is the lack of a clear, scientific explanation of what exactly is going on.”Read article here

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“The apparent success of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat cold fusion demonstration on 28 October is starting to send ripples into the mainstream press. So what new clues do we have to settle whether it’s the breakthrough of the century or the scam of the decade…

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“On 28 October 2011 Andrea Rossi performed an experiment with his E-cat in front of several journalists. He claimed to have liberated large amounts of thermal energy by using a simple inexpensive apparatus and small amounts of input energy. If his clai…

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“A physicist in Italy claims to have demonstrated a new type of power plant that provides safe, cheap and virtually unlimited nuclear power to the world, without fossil fuels or radiation concerns.The only hitch: Scientists say the method — cold fusio…

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